How long does someone have to be married to collect Social Security spouse benefits?

To receive a spouse advantage, you usually must were married for at least one non-stop 12 months to the retired or disabled employee on whose profits document you’re claiming advantages.

There are slender exceptions to the one-yr rule. For instance, you could obtain advantages on the record of a brand new partner if, in the month earlier than the month in that you married that person, you had been already receiving or met the necessities to obtain blessings as a spouse (of someone else), divorced spouse, surviving partner, surviving 相睇結婚 divorced spouse, figure or disabled adult infant.

Keep in thoughts
In most cases you have to be at the least 62 to get a partner advantage, but you could qualify if you are more youthful and caring for a kid who’s beneath 16 or disabled and eligible for family advantages in your spouse’s record.
The maximum spouse gain is 50 percentage of your mate’s full retirement advantage. You get that if you claim the partner advantage at your complete retirement age (sixty six and four months for human beings born in 1956 and steadily growing to 67 over the following few years). Spouse blessings are decreased if claimed in advance.

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