Technology for the Visually Impaired to Enter the Digital World

Various types of generation are to be had to assist the visually impaired input the virtual global. Here you may study extra about the devices that the blind and those with low 香港相親  imaginative and prescient can use to browse the Internet, study enlarged physical text and electronic files, and enter Chinese characters.
Screen-Reading SoftwareScreen readers are software program applications that examine out what’s shown at the laptop screen, including web pages in browsers, emails, word processing documents, spreadsheets and other programs. An introduced benefit is that screen readers encompass shortcut keys that permit visually impaired customers to navigate around web sites with constant systems.
A Braille system and a notebook pc mounted with screen reading software program
A Braille machine and a pocket book computer mounted with screen studying softwareTypes of Screen ReadersThere are several varieties of display readers to be had for the visually impaired.Desktop SoftwareDesktop screen readers are the extra commonplace form, and can be established on personal pc that has audio functionality. The Netshare portal provides hyperlinks to popular display readers, and the brand new version of the Windows Light display reader for Chinese and English text with both speech and Braille output is available at no cost from Retina Hong Kong.
Braille keyboards for humans with visual impairment
Braille keyboards for human beings with visible impairmentMore on the Desktop Screen Reader Software Recommended by means of the Netshare Portal (Available in Chinese only)More on Retina Hong Kong (Available in Chinese only)
Web-based totally SoftwareWeb-based display readers are extra handy whilst get right of entry to to public or more than one computer systems is vital. They are web sites that allow visually impaired readers to load different webpages and pay attention to the contents.The University of Washington within the USA has released such provider, known as WebAnywhere. It is an open supply challenge which permits interested parties to make contributions to its improvement. The carrier is presently in trial run and could read English textual content. Several independent businesses are running at the assist for added languages inclusive of Chinese.This software program is using a technology of including 0.33-birthday party webpages below the website of the net-based software and reading out contents. Although this generation might not be able to deal with all kinds of websites, like GovHK, the internet-based totally display screen reader is a leap forward and affords an opportunity answer for customers. The WebAnywhere internet site can be accessed via the subsequent link.More on the WebAnywhere Service of the University of Washington
Dedicated Software for Mobile Phones and PDAsScreen readers are also to be had for use on cell phones and PDAs. The cellular smartphone variations study out all textual content in each menu, which includes caller ID, neglected calls, numbers entered, SMS messages written and obtained, and so forth. PDA display screen readers consist of maximum of the features to be had for computing device computer systems, plus Braille help. The Netshare portal presents a listing of advocated display readers, which may be accessed via the subsequent hyperlink.Dedicated Screen Reader Software for Mobile Phones and PDAs Recommended with the aid of the Netshare Portal (Available in Chinese simplest)
Screen Magnification SoftwareScreen magnification software program can expand the content material displayed on a pc screen. Users can select the magnification level that high-quality fits their personal desires and luxury. The software can also show website content material in black and white or in monochrome, which allows high contrast for people who have issues differentiating among colors.The software program is to be had in computing device versions for installation on domestic computers, USB pressure variations for transfer between computers and devoted versions for mobile phones and PDAs. The Netshare portal includes guidelines at the software.Screen Magnification Software Recommended by the Netshare Portal (Available in Chinese most effective)
Braille Display DevicesCombined with the usage of screen readers, Braille display gadgets areattached to computer systems to access display content material and output it in a series of raised dots that represent phrases, letters and numbers. Visually impaired customers can then examine the content material with their arms.
Illustration of a Braille sample
Illustration of a Braille patternMost regularly used by blind people, Braille show gadgets also can assist computer users who have low levels of imaginative and prescient however can’t hear display readers. Both webpages and textual content documents may be read in this manner. The Netshare portal includes pointers on Braille show gadgets.Braille Display Devices Recommended by way of the Netshare Portal (Available in Chinese most effective)
Tools that Enlarge Physical Items consisting of Books, Magazines and NewspapersThree structures can expand physical textual content to a size that you are at ease with.Desktop Video MagnifiersDesktop video magnifiers with devoted video display units can help you magnify any text, consisting of in a newspaper, e-book or magazine, to a readable size cozy with special customers.Magnifying Video CamerasAs the use of computing device video magnifiers may be an high priced solution, magnifying video cameras also are available for connection to a computer display, TV screen or through a DVD player to a projection screen. These structures typically consist of a base with the video camera on a swing arm above it.Portable Video MagnifiersAlso available are transportable video magnifiers, the scale of paperback books, which may be utilized in public places, which includes in eating places for studying menus. More statistics on those tools is available via the Netshare portal.Magnifying Tools Recommended by way of the Netshare Portal (Available in Chinese most effective)
Scanners for Turning Physical Text into Electronic TextScanners also can be used to seize photos of bodily text and turn them into digital text. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) generation, the textual content can be made geared up for a screen reader, or may be enlarged and displayed on a computer display or TV display screen. Scanners are available commercially and from public IT assets.
Chinese Input Software for the Visually ImpairedFree software program is likewise to be had to assist visually impaired pc customers input Chinese characters. The Easy Dots programme evolved via the Hong Kong Blind Union is to be had for down load freed from fee.

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