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May 21, 2014 · There are some atrial cardiomyocyte cell lines, like HL-1 and AT-1 cells derived from mouse atrial tumors; however, there are no adult ventricular cardiomyocyte cell lines available for research. Primary cell cultures of adult mouse cardiomyocytes provide a powerful model for heart research at the cellular and molecular levels.Cited by: 23. neuronal tissue within the heart [23,24]. The precise anatomical localization of Pnmt-expressing cells within the cardiac atria and ventricles has not been described previously. In the present study, we explore the distribution of adrenergic-derived cells within the adult mouse heart. To accomplish this.

Although different kinds of mouse fibroblasts have been used in co-cultures (embryonic, skin and cardiac fibroblasts) adult mouse cardiac fibroblasts (AMCFs) create the closest microenvironment to the adult murine heart for culturing adult mouse cardiac progenitor cells. Oct 31, 2016 · Malliaras, K. et al. Cardiomyocyte proliferation and progenitor cell recruitment underlie therapeutic regeneration after myocardial infarction in the adult mouse heart. EMBO Mol. Med. 5, Cited by: 181.

Jun 13, 2006 · Cardiac stem cells (CSCs) have been identified in the adult heart, but the microenvironment that protects the slow-cycling, undifferentiated, and self-renewing CSCs remains to be determined. We report that the myocardium possesses interstitial structures with the architectural organization of stem cell niches that harbor long-term BrdU-retaining cells.Cited by: 657. Dissociation of adult mouse heart using the Multi Tissue Dissociation Kit 2. Unless otherise speciffcally indicated, all Miltenyi Biotec products and serices page 2/2 SP0106.02 are or research use only and not or diagnostic or therapeutic use. 7. Invert C Tube and place it with the cap down. To maximize cell.