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Apr 17, 2018 · Living With a Developmental Disability. Children and adults with disabilities need health care and health programs for the same reasons anyone else does—to stay well, active, and a part of the community. Having a disability does not mean a . Sep 19, 2017 · Some adults with global developmental delay are fairly independent, while others require much more assistance. If the delay has an underlying cause, like autism or .

May 15, 2018 · Developmental disabilities are attributable to a cognitive impairment, physical impairment, or both. They manifest during the developmental period from birth Author: Clarissa Kripke. Basics About Developmental Delays. A developmental delay is more than just being “slower to develop” or “a little behind.” It means a child is continually behind in gaining the skills expected by a certain age. A developmental delay can happen in just one area or in a few. A global developmental delay is when kids have delays in at least two areas.Author: Amanda Morin.

While adults with developmental disabilities may struggle with day-to-day activities, many are still capable of socializing with peers and having a job. When working with adults that have developmental disabilities, understanding specific skills that work best for communicating with this type of . At The MENTOR Network, we believe that everyone is capable of reaching new heights and thriving in the community. Our services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) focus on personal choice while recognizing the specialized, and often complex, needs of the individuals we serve.