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Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts – New York. Based in New York, Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts, offer customized weight loss programs for adults 18 & up, starting at $2,725 per week. Their beautiful resort and spa sits on 250 acres of land in the Catskill Mountains, just 100 miles north of New York City.Author: Marisa Cantrell. May 13, 2018 · Most people think sports camps are for kids learning to play soccer, basketball, tennis or some other little league sport. But adult training camps are becoming a popular way for recreational athletes to ramp up their sports skills and fitness levels. There are camps that cater to every sport, age, and ability, as well as women-only camps.

Mar 09, 2015 · The 11 Best Running Camps in the U.S. Fitness by Christine Yu on 3/9/2015 You may think that sleep away camps are just for kids, but more and more adults are revisiting the childhood pastime, except now with a different goal in mind — to improve their running skills. Boot Camp Training Reach Your Body Fat & Weight Loss Goals. Ready to experience results you can both see and feel? D1 Training’s Boot Camp program will push you to your limits. We have worked with elite industry professionals to create high-performance 54-minute workouts that will push your body to experience its maximum potential.

At present, the center runs training camps for teens, adults and masters swimmers, with 7 days training, accommodation and half-board food costing around £500 per person. Time to Hit the Pool. Whether you’re a young elite hopeful or an improving masters swimmer there should be something for you in at least one of these training camps.Author: Agness.