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Transportation Services for Older Adults. Adults 60 and older may be eligible for transportation assistance to destinations such as senior lunch programs and grocery stores. Some counties also have funding for senior transportation to medical appointments. These rides are sponsored by a combination of county, state and federal Older Americans Act funds. Mar 11, 2019 · Federal law under the ADA guarantees a basic level of transportation service for many older citizens. The ADA says that a city or town providing public transportation services to the community at large must provide a complementary or paratransit service for persons with disabilities as well.Author: Dr. John Connolly.

NV Rides supports a network of local nonprofit organizations that administer volunteer programs providing free or low-cost transportation to older adults. Call 703-537-3071, TTY 711. Call 703-537-3071, TTY 711. Accessible transportation services are critical for enabling older adults to live independently. The vast majority of older adults – nearly 90%, according to AARP – choose to age in place in their homes and communities. Successful community living requires access to medical and other essential services.