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May 10, 2010 · For general aches and pains, children (over 2 years old) and adults alike find the arnica, MSM, and menthol in Rub On Relief pain cream are work just as well as ibuprofen at relieving pain. Those with arthritis will especially love Rub On Relief for the Celadrin found in it, clinically proven to help reduce pain and increase flexibility and mobility in 100% of those who tested it. If you have bought or taken the affected products, you can telephone Tylenol’s customer care team on: 1-888-222-6036. Other medications have also been recalled. These are: Concentrated Tylenol Infant’s Drops (grapes, cherry flavor and hospital only variety, various sizes).Author: Catherine Taylor.

Discover safety & dosing information for Infants’ and Children’s TYLENOL®. From fevers and pain to symptoms of the flu, we’re here to help relieve your child’s pain or fever. FULL RECALLED PRODUCT LIST: Product Form Product Name Lot Number UPC Code CHILDREN'S CAPLET Junior Strength Motrin IB Caplet 24 ct AJM322 .

Tylenol 3. Tylenol No. 3 is a pain medication that contains Codeine and Acetaminophen. It is said to treat pain from mild to moderate. Children between the ages of 12 and 14 are permitted to take this medication if it is recommended by a doctor or dentist. That would be one tablet up to 4 times a day.Author: Theresa. TYLENOL® Extra Strength Coated Tablets for Adults should be used to temporarily reduce fever and relieve minor aches and pains. Each extra-strength pain relief coated tablet contains 500 milligrams of acetaminophen and can be a safe and effective post-surgery pain relief option when used as directed.4.7/5(352).