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Although everyone should perform warm-up exercises prior to working out, seniors need to be particularly conscious of making sure their muscles are appropriately prepared for exercise due to limitations in range of motion, flexibility restrictions and specific health concerns, such as back pain or arthritis. Older adults at risk of falling should concentrate on exercises that maintain or improve balance. Increased risk of falling occurs when older adults have trouble walking or have had falls in the recent past. Participating in regular physical activity is not only safe for older adults, but it helps reduce the risk of falls.

That’s why you need some great warm-up activities to help everyone ease into the class—and you might even save your students or yourself from a pulled brain muscle! Fortunately for you, you can save a lot of time planning if you use any of these fun and interactive ESL warm-up activities.Author: Revel Arroway. Jul 28, 2010 · Warming up is essential, so sit back and watch the lads being put through their paces. Look out for skills, fun games, a match situation, cool downs which will be added soon.

10 Dynamic Warm Up Exercises. By Cooper Chavez. The strengthening and warming of ankles are often forgotten, but they're an important part of every physical activity and they require some maintenance. Start with one foot and begin to move your foot clockwise in circles, and then reverse the motion to counter-clockwise.