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Count all sperm heads that have more than half the sperm head within the area indicated by the green color. For this particular hemacytometer, each of the large squares is bounded by a triple set of lines. The center line of these is the edge of the counting area. For sperm that lie with exactly half the sperm head on the edge of the green area. Sep 02, 2002 · Hemacytometers were developed for counting blood cells, but can also be used to count spermatozoa. A hemacytometer has two chambers and each chamber has a microscopic grid etched on the glass surface. The chambers are overlaid with a glass coverslip that rests on pillars exactly 0.1 mm above the chamber floor.

Protocol. Dry and fix the coverslip in position. Harvest the cells. Add 10 μL of the cells to the hemacytometer. Do not overfill. Place the chamber in the inverted microscope under a 10X objective. Use phase contrast to distinguish the cells. Count the cells in the large, central gridded square (1 mm 2). Hemacytometers. Manually count low leukocyte concentrations below the capabilities of a standard hemacytometer. Hausser Nageotte Bright-Line Hemacytometer can accurately measure down to 0.1 cell/mL. Get quick, accurate readings of red and white blood cells.