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We carry a wide selection of magnifiers to help you read the written word. A portable pocket magnifier, a hands free magnifier, a full page magnifier and even a visual . Visual Reading Aids. Add to Workspace Overview Visual supports, like text magnification, colored overlays, and guided reading strip, help students focus and properly track as they read. Finding the right visual reading aid for students can help support Visual Processing and increase their speed of reading, particularly for those with Vision.

Start with Staples® to discover guided+reading+strips available now. Browse by desired features, guided+reading+strips on sale, prices and ratings. Welcome. The READING HELPER is an aid that can be used by both beginning as well as experienced readers who have a problem frames and colored plastic, the READING HELPER allows the reader to easily see the contrast of words on the page therefore increasing the ability to concentrate without distraction.

New! They look like a bookmark with a colored transparent strip and function like a highlighter, helping readers stay on track and focused. These colored reading windows are excellent for individuals with visual perceptual challenges or difficulty with focusing. Each one of these smart reading aids . Reading and Writing Aids Reading and Writing Aids If reading and writing are not as much fun or enjoyable as they used to be due to vision problems if you require some assistance when reading and writing, or if you're just looking for the reading and writing tools you need, then this is the section for you!