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Abuse in Adolescence. It is quite clear that we live in a culture which is very confused about what constitutes sexual abuse of adolescents. If a 30 year old sexually predatory male abuses a 14 year old female, most people recognize that as abuse. This is not always the case. Adolescent females who are abused may have a crush on the abuser. Childhood and adolescent sexual abuse (CSA) is associated with a wide variety of adverse psychological and health outcomes, including negative sexual health outcomes. In this paper, we review the literature investigating the relation between CSA and subsequent sexual risk behaviors among men and women. CSA and Subsequent Sexual Risk Cited by: 349.

Apr 15, 2014 · Amid the changes of adolescence, some teens struggle with sexual harassment. Watch this lesson to find out more about the types of sexual harassment, including sexual abuse and sexual . Apr 03, 2004 · The evaluation of sexual assault in an adolescent must be a coordinated effort including both medical and psychological services, provided in a safe environment. Medical injuries must be evaluated, documented, and treated. Forensic evidence must be collected, and the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy must be addressed.

foster care, social welfare policy, and child and adolescent behavior. Childhood sexual abuse is a subject that has received much attention in recent years. Twenty-eight to 33% of women and 12 to 18% of men were victims of childhood or adolescent sexual abuse (Roland, 2002, as cited in Long, Burnett, & Thomas, 2006). CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE STATISTICS The Issue of Child Sexual Abuse What is child sexual abuse? FACT: The definition of child sexual abuse is broader than most people realize. Often a traumatic experience for children and teens, child sexual abuse is a criminal offense punishable by law in many societies.1 Child sexual abuse includes.