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Aug 26, 2018 · By Komodo Source: Maddie and her older sister Holly sat at the dinner table eating supper with their parents as they did every evening. As seemed usual in their home Holly liked to dominate the conversation, telling their parents about her day at school and how well she was doing in every class. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

A woman knows instinctively what the men in her care need. A Woman Lifts a Man Back to his Past Lady boss puts her female assistant in diapers. Beautiful dominant 18 year old and 30 yr old man grow closer. and other exciting erotic at! AB and DL Stories. The following storys are about infantilism, Age regresion and wearing diapers for pleasure. It is fantasy. Infantilism does not involve the sexual abuse of children, and the authors in no way approves of such abuse.

Transvestites-Stories of men or women who wear clothing of the opposite sex. Wife Tales. Real Wife Stories-real stories about wives. Slut Wives-Women who don’t stop once their married. Wife Sharing-Swapping wives. Wife’s point of view-Erotic stories from the . Aug 15, 2014 · Fluttershy having been friends with Rainbow Dash for a long time decides to invite her over to discuss something on her mind. As it turns out, Fluttershy really has been longing for a child to take care of, and not just any child, but Rainbow Dash!