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Substance Use and Celebrity Influence. Celebrities influence teens in other ways as well. When stars post images of themselves drinking or smoking on social media, they normalize substance use. Furthermore, they make it appear attractive and cool. Moreover, teens often idolize celebrities and want to Author: Jamison Monroe. Apr 07, 2017 · For many teens, adolescence is a frustrating and confusing time in which they seek role models, both positive and negative, to guide them through inevitable obstacles and life .

Feb 05, 2009 · I feel that there are many negative affects on people as a whole, not just teens from the Hollywood influence. I think that we see it more in teens because teens are in the stage where they are. How Celebrities Influence Teenagers. Celebrities that influence teens in a positive manner tend to be respectful of other people, working hard to reach their full potential. When teens can see their favorite celebrity moving up the career ladder due to hard work and enthusiasm, they are drawn to do the same.

Aug 12, 2009 · One in four teenagers admit they are more influenced by celebrities than people they know, according to a new survey. Musicians, sports stars and . May 07, 2016 · Because the body changes dramatically in adolescence, teens are often self-conscious and embarrassed. Peer-group socialization has tremendous power over your teen and can influence not only your child's self-esteem, but also body image.Author: Dr. Gail Gross.