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korolath bearing strip - KCBS14348 - BEARING STRIP 1/4" X 3" X 48" KOROLATH - ALP Supply

Korolath® Shims are engineered, multipolymer plastic used to level, support or fill small gaps in industrial and commercial applications. Eco-friendly material. Korolath Bearing Strips. More Concrete Accessories: Select Accessories.

Korolath Strip Shims, 1/16"x2"x4" 1_0344164 MFG #: SH-82-058. Korolath is a multipolymer plastic formulated for use as a bearing material. The bearing strips are designed for use with a prestressed concrete plank between the plank and any surface such as poured or precast concrete, steel or masonry. It is scored at 2" intervals. [email protected] SHIMS [email protected] is an engineered, multi-polymer plastic, specifically formulated for use in the construction industry as a bearing and shimming material. Shims are commonly used for hollowcore slabs and architectural precast cladding panels. Easy to use and lightweight Scored for use at various lengths [email protected] SHIM STRIPS Width Part #.

Viblon Cushioning Pads R.O.F. Reinforced Bearing Pads High load capacity Low friction Low deflection Rotational capability Seismic and thermal movement control AASHTO approved Structural grade random oriented fiber Omni-directional Rotational capability High load High shear properties DuraSlide Bearings Neoprene Bearing Pads High shear properties Low friction Wide temperature range Excellent. Korolath R.O.F. Reinforced Bearing Pads Typical Properties HARDNESS (Shore A) COMPRESSION A. Minimum ultimate B. Initial minimum cracking strain* SHEAR MODULUS (G) A. At 700F for a uniform compressive stress of 1,000 psi and a shear strain of 50% (db x 100) where both bearing surfaces contact smooth concrete.